Iron Man 3, plus assorted children

Iron Man 3 was so great.


A few years ago I went to see Rush on their thirtieth anniversary tour; I enjoy their music, but I wouldn’t say I was a die-hard fan, and I was amazed at how it felt like they had geared their show towards me perfectly. They’d been objective about their own back catalogue, but they knew exactly what their strengths were, so they just only did the coolest stuff.


Ok, not ‘cool’ – it was Rush – but you see my point. That’s what Iron Man 3 feels like – a quintessential Iron Man film, but with all the stuff that would only appeal to a certain kind of teenage boy dialled right down. Not that kind of teenage boy! I’m talking about suit porn, basically – the other two films had two suit-related problems: humourless CGI-boot-application-or-removal-with-generic-metal-riffage type moments, and plots about the bloody suit.


The other day my daughter gave a withering review of Tesco Blueberry Wheats – ‘they taste too much of wheat and not enough of blueberry’, she said. Bang! Owned at all, Tesco?! Anyway, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 sometimes had too much Iron and not enough Man. No such trouble here; in fact the film has its cake and eats it by… well, no plot spoilers, but basically getting shot of the suit, where necessary, and laying the suit on generously – where necessary. Brilliant.


I also love how Shane Blackesque it is; I mean, I know he directed and co-wrote it, but it’s got it all; kids, snow, Christmas, snappy dialogue, callous violence. Long Kiss Goodnight fans – and who isn’t – might feel like they’re watching that 90s classic all over again. In a good way.


It’s so smart – effortlessly following up yet dismissing the fabulous Avengers Assemble, full of great characters even in the smallest parts, with really surprising action sequences – surprises of all kind in fact.


It’s the best of the three, and I’m proud that we’re living in an era that’s finally cracked the second sequel; The Bourne Ultimatum and Toy Story 3 pushed the bar up there, and now we’re cookin’ – have you SEEN Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted? Where did that come from?! Glorious stuff – who knew! It’s the Rush factor again – time and distance plus no loss of quality with regard to source material and skills equals better-than-ever.


So I’ll look forward to seeing Iron Man 3 again.


And the tiny kids chatting away, playing on the stairs, generally acting like Cardiff Odeon was a playground, or their house? Never a word from their… I don’t know… parents? Older siblings? The terrible adults they were with, anyway. I’ll look forward to seeing Iron Man 3 again, but I won’t go to the cinema on Saturday again. And I’m proud that, when my kids are old enough to see Iron Man 3, which these kids weren’t, they’ll sit quietly through it and enjoy it, which these kids will never learn to do.