Rob Deering

Infinite Running Music – Back On It

Happy New Year! A lot of people dis the New-Year’s-resolution thing, but it works for me – I’m a legendary giver-upper; hell, this is the tenth anniversary of the set of rules that led to the departure of Rob Deering version 1.0 – the man whose claim to look exactly like Chief Wiggum off of […]

Infinite Running Music – the London List

Well, the London Marathon is a month ago now, and it’s an ephemeral thing, a huge, city-wide moment, gone before the people taking part have even started recovering from it. So I’ve got some old news for you. On the day I had to use my old music player, with the same playlist it’s had […]

Infinite Running Music – Long Ones

Next weekend I’m running a half marathon, and not long after that I’m running the London Marathon – which is TWICE that far! So I’ve been going long – going out for long runs, listening to long songs. When I did my first Marathon, in 2011, I put together a playlist of the longest songs […]

Infinite Running Music – Beginning, Middle, Bit Before the End, End

I don’t hold with my running music being too ‘on the nose’; I’m not that jazzed to be running listening to songs about running, and I REALLY don’t want to pick a song based on its BPM. If you’re going to let an external device govern your pace, you might as well run on a… […]

Surprise Me

As someone working in comedy, I’m all too familiar with how comforted people are by hearing exactly what they expect to hear – think of any joke you’ve ever heard on Radio 4 – but I also know that beyond that safety, in the transcendence of surprise, bigger laughs are to be had. They just […]

Infinite Running Music: ’90s Repetitive Beats

I’ve just started a playlist on Spotify called Rob Deering’s Infinite Running Music . It is currently, er, finite, but I will be adding tunes until you won’t care. Ad infinitum, if you will; I definitely will. This week I’ve loaded it up with mainly dance music from the ’90s; for me, the link between […]

Dogzilla, more like

Don’t go and see this new Godzilla film; that’s a couple of hours you’ll never get back. ‘Why Rob?’ I hear you cry – ‘have you seen it, falling on the sword of rubbishness for all of us?’ I have not. And though my opinions on films I haven’t seen tend to be strong (Twilight […]

Parkinson’s Awareness

It’s Parkinson’s Awareness week, which is a funny old thing; definitely a worthwhile quest – Parkinson’s does sometimes feel like a forgotten condition, and some people have simplistic ideas about what it is and what it means – yet in the past, whenever I’ve talked about Parkinson’s at gigs or on Facebook or Twitter, it […]

Good Day / Bad Day

So… it’s a beautiful day; bright and crisp, slightly chilly and still. You’re well rested, you’ve been eating and drinking healthily, your running clothes are clean and make you feel sporty. Your running playlist kicks off with a classic, inspirational tune – PiL’s Rise perhaps, or Katy Perry’s Firework, whatever your preferred, er, ‘jam’ is […]

This franchise will not self-destruct in 30 seconds

Mission: Impossible 5 is in production, and I choose to accept it.   They won’t call it 5 of course – they don’t want to remind people that the franchise is nearing the end of its second decade, and that Tom Cruise will be 50 by the time it’s out. But I think they – […]