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Hitchcock, Bidisha, Women and Me

I love Guardian Film & Music on a Friday, and this weekend I particularly enjoyed getting all riled up by Bidisha’s article about Alfred Hitchcock’s attitude to women. There are always magazine and newspaper articles about Hitchcock, and I always enjoy them, but perhaps their ubiquity inspired Bidisha’s extreme position; an attempt to say something new. […]

Marmite and Magic

It all ends. It all ended for me last Friday in fact. I’ve seen – and marvelled at – the final Harry Potter film. But I know that when I go on about the boy wizard I’m dividing my audience; people who can take or leave Potter are few and far between. People who love […]

Jason Bourne is my Mantra

A few years ago I was on a bus and an old lady’s hat caught my attention. Exciting story Rob, do go on, I hear you cry. Well! It was decorated all over with the letters ‘WWJD’ in gold thread, and for a moment I couldn’t work it out, but then I got it – […]