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This franchise will not self-destruct in 30 seconds

Mission: Impossible 5 is in production, and I choose to accept it.   They won’t call it 5 of course – they don’t want to remind people that the franchise is nearing the end of its second decade, and that Tom Cruise will be 50 by the time it’s out. But I think they – […]

Rob Deering and son at the Virgin London Marathon Expo 2011

My thoughts on running the London Marathon after Boston

This time a fortnight ago I was reeling; after eight Central London gigs in three nights I was aglow with the wonderfulness of all those audiences. On stage the response had been great, off stage the contributions to my charity bucket – I told them all I was running the marathon for Parkinson’s UK – […]

Iron Man 3, plus assorted children

Iron Man 3 was so great.   A few years ago I went to see Rush on their thirtieth anniversary tour; I enjoy their music, but I wouldn’t say I was a die-hard fan, and I was amazed at how it felt like they had geared their show towards me perfectly. They’d been objective about […]

How To Star In Your Own Movie

For many, starring in their own movie is the ultimate dream – can the necessary skills really be put into words? The first thing to realise is that you’ve either ‘got it’ or you haven’t. However, if you haven’t ‘got it’ you can ‘buy it’. For movie stardom a big face, like mine, is imperative. […]

Some Very American Rebels

I’ve just been to see Riding Giants and I feel like I need a towel – the giants that get ridden in this documentary are, by the way, waves. I thought from the title it might be about something else entirely. It’s the new film from Stacey – he’s a man by the way – […]

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

We all remember being fourteen – what a nightmare it was. For the first time you’re thinking about the big things in life, but you’re still pretty ill-equipped to deal with them. You fancy someone – how on earth do are you going to ask them out? You fall out with your best friend for […]

So, Any Clichés In Spiderman 2?

Aah, poor poor Peter Parker. With the advent of Spiderman 2, the long-suffering teen is back up against it. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ said his Uncle before carking it in the first film, and he wasn’t joking. Not only does Spider-Peter-Tobey-Maguire-Parker-Man have to do the whole swing-down-the-high-street-and-thwart-the-crook-thing, he’s trying to hold down a […]

The eagle has landed!

Last week I was on tour with a band, and I guested with them a couple of times, and next week I’m doing the same at a gig with my brother’s band The Wiselys – truly, this is a golden season for me. Whenever I see a live band – from two old blokes in […]


So who’s seen the film Taken, with Liam Neeson? I thought it was incredible – but by no means in a good way. I was incredulous at how offensive it was, on so many levels. Kudos for achieving such a multi-faceted festival of wrong I suppose. It’s like an onion; every time you peel back […]

John Cusack – Jacuzzi – J’Accuse

What’s happened to John Cusack? I haven’t seen his disaster movie 2012, but the impression I receive is that it’s cataclysmic in more ways than one. I have seen his latest, however – Hot Tub Time Machine – and it’s not good. Granted, it’s not really my bag – I’m the only person I know […]